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Marine Repairs & Custom Parts

Our specialty is both OEM and aftermarket marine hardware including tanks, exhaust, mastheads, and chain plates. All marine components are built to industry standards. Plasma cutting and CNC machining capabilities are used to efficiently produce custom holes, slots, and shapes into fabrications. Traditional fabrication methods including rolling, sawing, and press braking forming allow us to complete a wide variety of assembly types and sizes. Parts can be manufactured out of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.


While our primary customer base is the marine industry, we serve a wide variety of other manufacturing and industrial customers by providing specialty fabrication of low to medium production work. Design assistance can be provided to customers who are looking to optimize their products for manufacturing. Assembly and leak testing can be performed on all assemblies, and finishing services can be sourced as needed. As a small company, our customers receive personal service and direct communication from long-term employees who are very knowledgeable about metal design and fabrication. For more information about our metal fabrication capability contact us at (345) 946-9353.


Propeller Repair: 

  • The cost of repairing your propeller is usually less than 1/2 the price of a new one.
  • Your propeller will be straightened and returned to its pitch by use of pitch blocks and gauges. The blades will be welded where necessary, then balanced and finished. Aluminum props are painted with a durable industrial enamel coatings. Stainless propellers are returned to their original finish either a satin finish or a high gloss polish.
  • A normal propeller repair involves the repair of the propeller blades. Hubs can be replaced upon request, or when they show excessive wear and slippage.
  • We repair aluminum, stainless steel, nibral, and bronze propellers.
  • We specialize in repairing hi-performance stainless propellers.


Aluminum boat repair

Specializing in aluminum welding of all types and aluminum boat repair. We also repair boat electrical, plumbing and other items on boats. Other items we handle hand rails, docks, bridges, frames, structures and more.  Welding aluminum and fabrication.  Metal design, CNC cutting, materials sourcing & project management. Boats, trucks, structures, boxes, railings, frames, grids and more.


Other Marine Repair Examples:

  • Marine Fuel Tanks
  • Marine Water & Holding Tanks
  • Boating Chainplates
  • Thru-Hull Exhausts
  • Rudder Shafts & Skeletons
  • Tillers Mastheads
  • Anchor Rollers
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Marine Radar Posts
  • Steel Cradles to Ship Boats