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Structural Steel Remediation Works - Lakeside


Structural Steel Remediation for Exterior Walkway / Balcony in Segmental Stages:

  • Mobilize welding equipments, lifting equipment, craftsman, and labor for the structural steel remediation works for exterior walkway/balcony in segmental stages
  • Supply and installation of temporary shoring.
  • Removal of existing corroded/rusted structural steel beam, steel post, base plates. 
  • Supply, fabricate and installation of steel beam, steel pipe column, column cap plate, base plates, steel flanges, connection plate and other miscellaneous steel accessories 
  • Cutting, grinding, and re-welding of the existing open web steel bar joist to the newly installed steel beam.
  • Cleaning of rusted open web steel bar joist and painted by red oxide primer paint or approved equal.