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Structural Steel Erection

Our Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build and install iron or steel girders, columns and other construction materials to form buildings, bridges and other structures
  • Cut, position and bolt down steel bars to reinforce concrete
  • Repair older infrastructure
  • Make, weld and cut structural metal
  • Erect steel frames
  • Direct operation of cranes to move structural steel, reinforcing bars and other materials onto and around the construction site
  • Connect steel columns, beams and girders
  • Drill holes into steel for bolts
  • Number steel according to assembly instructions
  • Unload and stack steel
  • Attach cables to steel and then to the crane
  • Hoist steel into place in the framework
  • Position steel with connecting bars and spud wrenches
  • Work with driftpins to align the holes in the steel with the framework holes
  • Use plumb bobs, levels and laser equipment to check alignment
  • Bolt or weld piece into place
  • Set reinforcing bars into forms to hold concrete
  • Fasten bars together with wire
  • Place spacers under rebar to lift bars off deck
  • Cut bars with metal shears and torches
  • Reinforce concrete with welded wire fabric
  • Substitute cables for rebar
  • Tighten cables with jacking equipment
  • Install stairs, handrails or curtain walls
  • Make sure all pieces are fitted properly and complete repairs as necessary